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#47: This Is A Pro-Bean Broadcast

Episode Summary

The panel snaps on the gloves and attempts a Bernie campaign postmortem, considers voting for "the lesser of two evils", and shares what they've been cooking in quarantine (after they've taken off the postmortem gloves). Musical interludes were written and performed by the fantastic Danny Bradley—if you've found his music as lethally infectious as we have, please note you can purchase "We Might Not Die (Maybe)" from his website, and help out an artist who's had to cancel all his gigs: The panel this week was associate editor Vanessa A. Bee, senior editor Brianna Rennix, newsletter editor Nick Slater, finance editor Sparky Abraham, and editor-in-chief Nathan J. Robinson. Your temporary host is Oren Nimni. This episode was edited by Dan Thorn of Pink Noise Studios in Somerville, MA. Chomsky Drop music: Astro - Alphanerd