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UNLOCKED! Meagan Day on why everyone should have the right to a sabbatical

Episode Summary

Unlocked, for your listening pleasure. Current Affairs editor-in-chief Nathan J. Robinson, senior editor Brianna Rennix and newsletter editor Nick Slater sit down with Jacobin staff writer Meagan Day to discuss her article 'One Year Off, Every Seven Years'. Meagan's article can be found here: This episode was edited by Dan Thorn of Pink Noise Studios in Somerville, MA. Please send in your sabbatical ideas to 504-867-8851. You can also send us voicemails about anything else you fancy. (This is the last thing Nathan said at the end of this episode, before his voice was swallowed up by the jazz music. Our apologies - we tried to pull him out of the jaws of the jazz monster, to no avail.)