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UNLOCKED! Student Debt Special (feat. Allie Conti, Marshall Steinbaum and Matt Bruenig)

Episode Summary

Unlocked from our Patreon feed, here's a little bonus for you all! Current Affairs finance editor Sparky Abraham sits down with Vice writer Allie Conti, economics professor Marshall Steinbaum and People's Policy Project founder Matt Bruenig to discuss the question of cancelling student debt, in light of Bernie Sanders' and Elizabeth Warren's recent plans for college debt forgiveness. This episode was originally made available for Patreon subscribers in July 2019. To gain full access to more episodes like this, please consider becoming one of our supporters at! Allie on student debt forgiveness: Matt's writing on the issue: Marshall on whether it's regressive: Sparky on free college: This episode was edited by Dan Thorn of Pink Noise Studios in Somerville, MA.